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If the government needs all or a portion of your property for a road improvement or other project, there are several things you should be aware of from the outset.  At any given time, there are a number of governmental projects underway or planned which will require private property.  The government does have the power to take private property for public use when the property is needed, whether or not the owner wants to sell.  This power is often referred to as the power of eminent domain or condemnation.  However, in return, the property owner is constitutionally entitled to receive just compensation.  U.S. Const. Amend. V; Idaho Const. Art. I,  14.

South Landscape Architecture provides conceptual highest and best use plans, government land taking overlays, Land planning, site master planning, existing site conditions, hand rendered or computer aided trial exhibits, and expert witness testimony to help protect private property owners.






Eagle Interchange:

Stahl Dowding

Rock Contractors


Nickel Property- Twin Falls, Idaho 1998-99.

Roman Catholic Church - Eagle, Idaho 1999.

Mellin Property - Boise, Idaho 1998-2000.

Galvin Property - Middleton, Idaho 1997.

Gabica Property – Star/Middleton, Idaho.


Franklin Interchange - Nampa

Peasley Storage

Woodgrain Millworks

Smeed Property(s) – Franklin Rd. and 21st Street - Caldwell, Idaho 2009



Twin Falls - Poleline Road

Billiar Property

Canyon Vista Property

North Pointe Ranch

KLS&M Property

Poleline Properties

Lazy J Property


Chinese Village – Moscow, Idaho


Garrity Widening Project, Nampa, ID:

Bolinski Property

Ralls Property



Orchard Interchange:

Dennis Dillon Partnership –  – Boise, Idaho 2008-Present


Ten Mile Interchange:

Fedrizzi, Janicek, Van Auker, and SJJV properties.  Ten Mile Interchange – Meridian, Idaho


Highway 16 Bypass:

Star, Eagle, and Meridian, Idaho.

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