Landscape Architecture and Land Planning


Since 1991, South Landscape Architecture continues to provide a multitude of services to public and private organizations, government agencies, architectural and engineering firms.  We strive to provide our clients with the best projects and enjoy providing recreation master planning, healthcare master planning, highest and best use master planning, Commercial landscape design and sustainable site design.


Our development services include site analysis, tree mitigation srategies, highest and best use analysis, long term planning, entitlements and public presentations.









Development Services

The practice of Landscape Architecture includes planning and designing the use, allocation, and arrangement of land and water resources through creative application of biological, physical, mathematical, and social process.   Landscape architects perform professional work in planning and design of the land for human use and benefit.  Based on analysis of environment, physical, social, and economic considerations, they produce overall guidelines, reports, master plans, conceptual plans, detail designs and construction oversight for landscape-type projects.

Landscape Architects deal with complex issues and provide a wide range of services.  Including streetscape and planting design, visual quality assessment, public facilitation and mediation, historic preservation, wetlands mitigation, urban design, site design, irrigation design and water management.



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