The office was formed to provide the highest quality Landscape Architectural and Land Planning services to build and shape the landscape for human use and enjoyment while protecting and preserving the beauty and substance of nature as a resource for future generations.  Striving for a realistic design solution which is aesthetically pleasing and functional, with a minimal disruption to the natural systems, requires a design approach which combines environmental, social, and economical awareness with creative and sensitive planning skills.  To achieve a realistic and economically feasible solution, a planning approach must include a definition of the problem, the compilation and evaluation of essential data, the development of design alternatives, attention to details, and a continued interaction with the client.

It is the goal of this office to continually create innovative natural and built environments which improve the quality of life for all people while conducting responsible, professional business contracts. South Landscape Architecture, P.C. has been actively involved in a diversity of projects relevant to landscape architecture for both public agencies and private developments for the past 20 years. During this time we have provided clients with quality project with realistic solutions and that are economically feasible.


St. Luke's regional Medical Center - Boise Idaho

St. Luke’s regional Medical Center – Boise Idaho

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